Style of clothing design and signature...

Duke's inspiration is 'drawn from the masses' and his range is designed for them too.

Duke 'Clothe Your Soul' focuses on ready-to-wear clothing, from street to executive wear with a sense of design. The brand, 'Duke', is taken from my second name, and motto; 'Clothe Your Soul' is taken from feeling good from the love of fashion.

"My personal definition of my style is AFROFUNK, a fusion of African elements and Western culture..."

As the brand we believe if you feel good from within, it is reflected on the outside. So, 'Clothe Your Soul' and you will feel good. The range of clothing caters for the young-at-heart, fashionable and trendy people in every race, gender, culture and religion. We also produce clothes for any age group.

We believe that every walk in client should leave the studio looking like The Duke or The Duchess, with a sense of individuality.

About Duke

Durban-based Duke 'Clothe your Soul', was established by Umlazi born Sandile Duke Mngadi. The clientele started to grow from a small network of friends...

Vision & Mission

DUKE "Clothe Your Soul" vision is to be the first choice in family retail clothing while maximizing customer satisfaction and shareholder value...

Contact Details

6th Floor, Unit 628, Westwalk Building
    405 Dr Pixley Kaseme Street, Durban
+27 (0)72 431 0850
+27 (0)63 139 0570